My second OS app, Obliviate, is now live on AppCenter.

And if you are on another distro, you can always download the Flatpak.


What does it do? It is a password “manager”, but one that does not store your passwords anywhere.

Instead, it takes two inputs and derives a password _based on_ them. You provide the same inputs again, you get the same password. Always.

If you need your passwords on another OS, say on your phone, then you can visit, a web app that will also give you the same password based on the same inputs.

It is not connected to the desktop app, but still works because both use the same algorithm.

If you’re wondering how it is implemented, it uses an algorithm called PBKDF2, a pure cryptographic function.

It is inspired by

@dubiousdisc I'm not an expert in this, but if I have to remember those words, then why can't I just use those words as a passphrase?

@dhruvasambrani because you can use the same cipher key for multiple accounts, so by remembering just one phrase, you can get strong passwords for every account.

I was inclined to call it a “master password”, but it doesn’t have to be unique.

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