Features that I take for granted on elementary OS but are annoyingly absent on macOS:

- Dock shows up when needed, without you having to summon it or it taking extra space
- Dragging an icon out of the dock to remove it
- Top panel going black when a window is maximized


- You can turn on natural scrolling for touchpad but not mouse if you need to (they don't have to be connected)
- Double-tap to drag is not buried under some obscure accessibility setting (accessibility features are just features, ffs)



- Closing all windows of an app actually quits the app; doesn't need an explicit Ctrl+Q as if I'm unsure
- You can close windows from the multitasking view
- Clicking on the date in the panel reveals calendar, not notifications (what part of that is not obvious, Apple?)


It's always these small features and attention to detail that make me miss @elementary@twitter.com at work.

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