@celia Yup yup, I hear you 100%. Platform fatigue is a thing.

I deleted Pixelfed for the same reason, and might do the same to DEV soon, again for the same reasons as you. The only writer I truly admire there is Swyx, but he has an RSS so… :drake_like:


@celia If you're into non-fiction books, Cal Newport tackles exactly this in his book Digital Minimalism.

The man's a bestselling author and a CS professor, but uses zero social media like a boss.

@dubiousdisc You know what? I might actually read this one.

@celia Ooh, and your new site look is lovely! Great choice of font.

@dubiousdisc Thank you! 💛

But... what new site? 🙈🙈 Most of my site updates are incremental so I don't really know what you saw last, and when. 🙈

@celia Err, might be the dark theme which I may not have noticed earlier on Hera. 😅​

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