GitHub Pages "blocks" Google's FLoC now by adding the opt-out header.

I don't think this is any reason to celebrate. #Google pulled two tricks here:

1. It identified all websites that are against this standard, making it easy to rank them worse.
2. Provided a technical solution to a social problem making all the tech elitist feel good by adding a header instead of protesting.

All in all, I feel this header legitimises the standard more and more "because you can opt-out". #FLoC #privacy

I have to admit: I am tired of fighting.
I am tired of fighting for privacy.
All the things i have to take care of to prevent people from controlling and breaking the web (not only looking at Google).
I am tired of people spamming javascript-bloated bullshit into the web just to track me.
I am tired of trying to educate people about their basic right to privacy.
I am tired of hearing: "But i have nothing to hide..."
How do people keep fighting while staying sane? #privacy #tired

Engineered complexity in our systems is what keeps us shackled to the whims of big tech. The key to devolution is simplification. Simplify, simplify, simply. Remove, reduce, distill… and then maybe we stand a chance at owning and controlling the infrastructure as individuals.

Twitter thinks I’m interested in the topic of Arsenal.

The closest thing I’ve tweeted is cricket.

Brave blocking privacy-respecting stats is especially ironic given that their web browser literally tracks everything you do on the web, uploads profiles of you, and then explicitly and literally sells your attention to an ad network.

Just realized logo is actually Venom with a Sharingan.

Sam: How did you break Zemo out of prison so easily? What are you, Cyborg?

Bucky: Why are you referencing DC? What are you, Deadpool?

When you finish work early on a Friday and don’t want to pick anything new:

IDK how to express this in text, but somehow “O Elbereth Gilthoniel” and “We all live in a yellow submarine” just fit together.

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While reading The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, all joyful Elvish songs formed a natural tune in my head.

It wasn’t until I finished reading the latter (five minutes ago) that it hit me: it was the tune of Yellow Submarine by The Beatles!

The weirdest part of watching a sports tournament is that all the ad jingles get stuck in your head and hijack your memory in the oddest of moments.

Just because a developer is making a "free" product, doesn't mean they don't ALSO have the right to create income streams for it. And you have no right to take that away from them.

A rant about
@elementary and entitled #Linux users, in today's newsletter.

Plus, an awesome new "Music For Everyone" segment by the guy who wrote the Linux For Everyone theme!

Why, in every artwork, do we show Krishna with a blue or purple skin?

All ancient texts say he's black. The word “krishna” is literal Sanskrit for “black.” Then why can't our artists accept his complexion for what it is?

Oh, so you're a garbage collector? Enumerate every object.

I have found my ultimate calling.

[Accessibility warning: contains ultra fast animations]

Congratulations, India. We have reached a point in history when the title sponsor of the Filmfare Awards is FUCKING VIMAL!

Let's make a colour together! <3


> If you have an unusual email domain, we recommend changing your email 👍

If your software doesn't allow valid email domains, which also implement all available spam prevention protocols, then I recommend you fix your f***ing software. 👍

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