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Boo, a useless DRM making life harder for many people.

*In a workplace full of macOSes and a couple of Ubuntus*

New guy: Hey, that doesn't look like Ubuntu. Is that… @elementary OS?

Me (happy that he knows): Yes it is, indeed.

New guy: How is it?

Me: *gives a short demo*

New guy: Whoa that looks amazing! Also this is the first time I'm seeing a Linux distribution that actually looks great on HiDPI. I'm gonna try this out!

*This is how great products do marketing: by being great products*

The classic Bat Signal, reimagined in the futuristic universe of Batman Beyond / Batman of the Future

Mastodon, do you recommend starting a Pixelfed? What are some good instances?

Apple: We ran out of feline names for our OS. So now we'll do places.

Google: Desserts aren't inclusive. Let's just go with numbers.

Canonical: Hold my ermine!

Microsoft: Embrace, extend, extinguish.

Sony Pictures: Hold my beer.

Am I the only one who is sad that the Sony-Marvel clusterfuck means the end of May Parker 💔 Happy Hogan? They're so cute together.

You know what's the biggest scam nobody talks about? The use of Mbps to advertise network speed instead of the realistic MB/s.

Seriously, when was the last time you measured data size in megabits?

We live in a funny time in which a MacBook charger will charge a Nokia phone but not an iPhone.



I've been writing CSS for like 10yrs and everyday I find something new...

Want text to wrap around specifics points in a image other than its boundaries?

shape-outside: polygon( your values);

BONUS TIP: In you can edit those values with a nice editor like this:


I've been a loyal @elementary OS user for a few years now so why am I feeling this sudden itch to try KDE? 🤫

What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

Encryption must instead be the default in protocols like RCS and email. If you make the end user have to think, care, and act, you've already lost.


Can't wait for Apple to invent streaming games next year.



Hey, Google.

I’m not a robot.

I’m a human.

Find your own fucking street lights.



Windows is one of those people that never throws anything away.


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