You think Alligator Loki is baffling? I have used an Operating System Loki.

Vadapav may have been invented in Maharashtra, but it was perfected in Gujarat.

Seriously, kachcha pav kaun khata hai yaar‽

Wow, Valve about the SteamDeck: don't want to use Steam and make an account? Fine, do whatever you want it's a PC.

Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh, Ranveer Singh.

लोकी परलोकी

Don’t worry. I’m the only one working on this repo.

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I like how Signal uses a Ferris wheel emoji 🎡 to indicate a GIF message. Because GIFs loop around to where they started.

“What was your Nexus event?” is the new “What are you in for?”

Mastodon shows the emoji code like `:grin:`. Less obvious, but still useful.

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TIL you can hover on an emoji on Twitter, and it will show you a tooltip description of that emoji. This is perfect for recognizing national flags.

If anyone I am sponsoring on GitHub hasn't received the payment for the last two months, it's because my card is declining it for some reason. Looking into it.

It's always these small features and attention to detail that make me miss at work.

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- Closing all windows of an app actually quits the app; doesn't need an explicit Ctrl+Q as if I'm unsure
- You can close windows from the multitasking view
- Clicking on the date in the panel reveals calendar, not notifications (what part of that is not obvious, Apple?)


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- You can turn on natural scrolling for touchpad but not mouse if you need to (they don't have to be connected)
- Double-tap to drag is not buried under some obscure accessibility setting (accessibility features are just features, ffs)


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Features that I take for granted on elementary OS but are annoyingly absent on macOS:

- Dock shows up when needed, without you having to summon it or it taking extra space
- Dragging an icon out of the dock to remove it
- Top panel going black when a window is maximized


This is what happens when you directly transliterate lyrics from Latin alphabet to Devanagari.

GitHub alert:

"We found potential security vulnerabilities in your dependencies"

My translation:

"Some dependency-of-a-dependency of your test runner has an API where someone can pass in a gnarly regex, which causes it to take a really long time to run! Also the test runner maintainer has not gotten around to patching it and maybe never will. So enjoy this perma-warning on your repo"

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