here we are in F̶͕̿E̸̮͆Ǎ̵̳R̵̻̎ and it's AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


I don't get why I'm so resistant to going into bioinformatics, given that it's a really obvious progression for me. Everything I've seen of it just. Doesn't strike me as interesting. Or something. To be fair, I haven't seen much

I should probably just fill out the application. It's gonna be hard to fill out the personal statement. Ugh

my dislike probably came from school and stuff. it's more unpleasant to play when you're being pressured to do so

It's been a long time but i do like being able to play the violin. I wish I were better at it

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I ordered some violin strings last week (my current ones are. very discolored) and I'm a little surprised at how much I'm looking forward to them getting here, given how much I DIDN'T like practicing before

valentine's is in two days what the heck

NOTE: Moving here from old accounts (mainly from @digit), and am mass re-following people. If you got a follow request from me just now, that's why

I'd be happy if you accepted it, but no hard feelings if you don't. Just do what you're comfortable with

...should probably also clear out follows i'm not super interested in, while i'm at it

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