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Well PSU's giving me issues.

I should've seen this coming, though, considering I'm trying to run a Ryzen 2600+Vega 56+HD 7950 all OC'd off a 620w supply.

I'm..quite literally getting disk I/O errors causing kernel panics whenever something draws too much power hahahaha

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do you remober 🎶
21st night of october 🎶

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I'm suddenly in the mood to write a super stereotypical "angsty teen, my life's in pieces, I CAN ONLY FIND SOLACE IN ROCK GUITAR" piece...go figure!

Help me out fedi, I've got a chorus but I need a bunch of just-barely-angsty lines :)

So I've had a first-gen Razer Orochi for many years...that's sadly sat in a drawer for a while. I couldn't use it as my desktop mouse (my desk is so full I can't run a cord, and no BT), and I haven't lately needed a mobile mouse. Sure, a generic keyboard and Logitech basic mouse work...but something just doesn't feel right.

I finally spoiled myself - one Bluetooth adapter and an iKBC CD108BT later, and I'm back in the world of elegantly-designed peripherals. Feels good to be back :)

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cursed programming thing, take 3 

So someone asked “How do I get python-like eval in C?”.

int main()
system("/usr/bin/python3 -c 'print(eval(\"1+1\"))'");
return 0;

Why on earth was this my thought process last night?!

> Oh, I'm hungry, and it's 1:30 AM.
> Let's cook something quick and easy...
> How about spicy mac and cheese with a proper Bechamel?

To be fair, sleepy me didn't do any fun meat or panko or anything...and I got a slightly gritty bechamel, whoops. Still tasty though! Didn't even take that long.

D'oh, is down. *Somebody* forgot to renew their domain. Just waiting on github's student pack to re-up and I'll have my domain back, don't worry <3

My wallet is not happy, but I'm the proud new owner of a Nikon D7500. A worthy upgrade for my 2004's a quick sushi comparison :) (Same lens/settings/composition to the best of my ability)

Included photo is from the D70; the D7500 photo is too big, so here's a link:

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hey frens, I've had to turn off my home server for a bit
so. no xmpp, no website. sorry!

Random anecdote - somebody followed me and triggered not one but *two* Mastodon notification blips, so I set out to find the offending duplicate Chrome tab.

....apparently I have many, many, *many* more tabs open than I thought I did. Enough to eat up 5GB RAM right now.

Then again, is that really a surprise? :)

I've apparently joined the mechanical keyboard club. Gotta say...between my ThinkPad keyboard and these MX Clears, I'm set as far as keys go - both are just so lovely to type on. The faster the better >:)

So I've managed not to post to my website for a sold 3 months. Well done.

Don't worry, I"m not dead :) I'll have a lil' placeholder up soon to buy me time while I write a giant update.

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Going live w/ @audrey: we are playing a game called Save The Furries
we know nothing else about it
come hang out!

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"When C is your hammer, everything looks like a thumb"

Banned C standard library functions in Git source code:

So I made a thing! 4TU has a little GUI library called Chesto, and we needed a little barebones test app...hence, ChestoTesto.

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