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Just got a chance to mix on a Behringer X32 this morning... 

Just did a simple dinner tonight...simple but oh so lovely :) No picture because I forgot one. (Sorry!)


Thin-sliced chicken cutlets seasoned with salt and pepper, dredged in flour, and pan-seared, served in a pan sauce reduction of white onions, marsala wine, balsamic vinegar, thyme, parsley, and butter.

.....okay, and there's a bit of sugar in there because I went a hair too acidic with the balsamic, sssssssssssshh ;)

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This is awesome. NPR gave me a legitimate choice to accept their cookies and have a fancy experience or get the raw content I wanted with their text-only site.

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Pros of avi generators: cool avis! yay!

Cons of avi generators: they look similar enough that my peripheral vision has decided @quarky and @clarjon1 are the same avi, which has gotten mildly confusing at times hehehe :)

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Someone just threw some omega3 pills at me.

I'm ok tho, I only suffered super fish oil injuries.

Things to do:
- Write blogpost, haven't done one for the last two months
- Take more pictures
- Add a photo gallery to

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Cheesy tween/teen movies - High School Musical 3 

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@kdy Requesting an instance ban against; they are knowingly abusing a bunch of shell followbot accounts to DDoS instances by mass following.

Well, crap. A bunch of followbots from just inflated my follower count. *sigh*

Also on my mind lately: I recently saw an absolutely *phenomenal* concert by the Doobie Brothers. Not only are they such a tightly-knit group, but whoever was mixing for them absolutely nailed the mix that night. It's the kind of music and emotion you feel with every fiber of your being...or at least it was for me, then and there. :)

Pros of having a vitamix: you wake up, you want a you make one.

Cons of having a vitamix: you make a frappuccino while tired and grab caffeinated coldbrew instead of the decaf stuff. Your body, not being great with large amounts of caffeine, decides that your brain will now be thinking in overdrive all morning. An interesting experience, but hardly productive.

....but that frappuccino was dang delicious.

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You may have three wishes.

- I wish that wish counts were represented as unsigned 64-bit integers.
- I wish that no underflow checks were performed on wish counts.
- I wish to have three fewer wishes.

Ugh, turns out that organ part I transcribed to cover a friend's song...never actually saved.

Downside: I have to spend tons of time transcribing.

Upside: I get better at transcribing.

Downside: I'll realistically get distracted and never finish the freaking cover medley. heheh

Well, CRAP. That's two months technically passed by without me writing anything on the blog. I'd better do something about that, lol :)

In the meantime, here's a random tidbit: just bought a PS2 with network adapter and HDD! Definitely not going to try and port some stuff to it....;)

Well *done*, Hoopla. (ranty tech thing) 

I'm at a family my family should *not* have trusted me to DJ background music :) Sneaking in some Slash, bit of Andrew Huang, bit of of everything from my eclectic collection, really :)

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