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Adblocking, old man yells at cloud 

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been thinking a lot about ways to battle-test programs - things that are inefficient or even fatal, but hopefully show up bugs
- returning random (but valid) error codes and failure states from system APIs
- clearing the stack when returning from a function
- extremely strict parameter checking, always writing to output pointers

So this is cool. I've finally got ACE running on my SNES after diagnosing a weird hardware fault with much help from dwangoAC (thanks again!)

It's currently playing Radio TASBot over...the controller ports. Yup!

So this week is going to be crazy. I'm juggling a movie with friends, meeting somebody whom I never thought I'd get the chance to meet in person, and coordinating a meeting with a local church to play some more music live. And I've got to sort out my job schedule with my boss (who keeps forgetting to text me). AND I've got to finish some contract work for a certain friend of mine (yes the mod's nearly finished <3)

So fun, but so stressful!

re: Tech rambling, live troubleshooting 

I know it's inaccurate, but I needed a way of telling them apart :)

re: Tech rambling, live troubleshooting 

Tech rambling, live troubleshooting 

Tech rambling 

Tech rambling 

Tech rambling 

Tech rambling 

Well crap, tonight was fun. (venting) 

So I'm an administrator of a Discord music group called "Musicians En Masse", and we're currently running a challenge to write "a song that belongs in the newest upcoming hyper-realistic FPS game."

It's still got a long way to go, but I think my submission's coming along quite nicely! It's a kinda progressive metal thing that goes all over the place, just the way I like it :)
Listen here (cw, fantasy/war-related lyrics)

Huzzah, hostapd finally works on my VM server! For my tiny little local Wi-Fi network, that's all I need. It'd be nice if I could PCIE passthrough the NIC into pfSense instead of having the KVM host handle it...but ah well, it works :)

Finally, I can wiiload stuff easily!

Well this is embarrassing. I just realized that my main workstation has been booting in BIOS mode this entire! Everything's converted safely over to GPT/UEFI now.

(Oh yeah, thanks to SighnWaive for the pointer on that!)

Bwahaha, I may have a solution to my desktop Linux audio woes! My TASCAM US1800 drivers haven't been fully RE'd yet, but I might be able to run Windows in a VM and use netjack2 or similar to expose the Windows ASIO interface to the Linux host.

Huzzah, my VM server is back online! Now running with an SSD boot disk and KVM. So long, proprietary ESXi!

Did somebody say bread? :)

First attempt turned out pretty good actually. Takes quite a bit of time...but it's worth it.

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