THANKS HOLLY, open this obligatory announcement if you dare 

@monorail of course you just made me lose the Game

@ToroidalCore Heh, yeah it's utterly amazing (and things like Dante are even better - many-to-many audio-over-IP with as many channels as you have bandwidth!). Analog does have the immediacy advantage, though, for sure :)

that's such a weird issue - jack crashes with your kernel config? go figure, that's the last thing I would've expected

@FreyaManibrandr @netkitty Oooo, tasty! Old (and not-so-old) Roland modules are tons of fun.

@ToroidalCore Oh yeah, X32 technicalities while I'm at it - it's really a 32-channel console. Technically it has another 8 aux channels, but only 6 are routed by default to physical inputs, and they don't have full processing.

My X32 Producer (aka the poor man's M32R) has 16 physical mic pres and 6 aux inputs, but I have an SD16 chained over AES50 for another 16 inputs. Digital snakes are awesome :)

@ToroidalCore I mean, you're right - I'm usually a live audio engineer. COVID has limited my opportunities to bring my X32 out though, so for now it's parked next to my desk ;)

Have you tried FFADO for the Saffire? I've generally had much better support using Jack's FFADO backend than using the ALSA drivers for most firewire cards.

@ToroidalCore ayup - it's the most reliable way to have the Linux host and Win10 VM share the same set of multichannel inputs/outputs with low latency. (Without using a full-on analog split, that is, heh)

This is for a myriad of things, but I won't lie - 50% of it is just because I've used Ableton Live forever and I really missed having it on Linux. (It has an annoying bug under WINE that nobody's touched on their bugzilla :/) Besides that, it's useful for livestream/broadcast workflows.

@FreyaManibrandr @netkitty Well spotted! That rack has:
- said D-110 (which I've repaired a few times, driven by a Roland UM-ONE)
- a Firestudio 2626 (works, but unused) and a Behringer FCA1616 (half-working, also unused)
- Shelf with HDMI/Ethernet switches (and netkitty)
- Whitebox 2U server
- 4U VM workstation in an el-cheapo chassis
and an X32 Producer (the audio interface I'm *actually* using lol) on top of the whole thing.

re: extremely screenreader bad 

@witchfynder_finder @monorail what, y'mean holly-size emoji?

@ToroidalCore (Oh yeah, Linux is also using the X32's X-USB 32x32 interface at the same time...which allows for fun routing shenanigans.)

I attempted interface-sharing by using a netjack2 on the Windows client, but I could never get it to run stably with low enough latency.

@ToroidalCore Yeah, it's been pretty stable for me. The only major bug I've encountered is that none of my USB controllers properly support resetting, which causes weird issues for audio devices if you reboot the VM without rebooting the host.

My VM has a USB controller and a GPU passed through to it. The interface itself is a Klark Teknik DN9630 USB<->AES50 interface, which is chained into my X32.

@netkitty *sees netkitty snoozing everywhere*

how in the...somehow kitn is everywhere at once!

i wonder if kitn will appear in that empty 2U space between my servers...

@quarky i thought i set up an atom plugin on, but i never checked if it actually works or not

if i get it working i'll let you know, would be cool to backport to

@ToroidalCore yay low latency kernels haha :)

lately i've just been using the upstream xanmod 5.10-rt kernel (got tired of compiling all the rt kernels by hand), which has been working quite well!

admittedly my audio setup is somewhat silly, i'm running my DAW in a Win10 VM with its own separate USB controller and 48x48 audio interface :P

@linear i mean, it's not necessarily required, but i've had OG xboxes come through my shop that needed a more thorough recap

@quarky can some of it be offloaded (logs/whatnot)? or is it all actively used

@monorail happy birthday to you
happy birthday to you
happy birthday to (not-holly)
happy birthdayn't to you

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