@netkitty @clarjon1 d'aww, good kitty

*reaches for another piece of paper*

Quote from a CSci professor 

Paraphrased: "Here's how to make a constant in C++:
const int FUN=5;
and you'll notice I made it all uppercase because that's how you define a constant"

>.< um, no? It's canonical and tradition, but the C compiler doesn't care about capitalization

@envgen this, but trying to find some obscure output jack for an old synth

(i swear trying to find certain jalco jacks are near-impossible)

It's funny to think that I still call myself a recording musician.

I hardly ever record myself now - that's been one of the pitfalls of daily-driving Linux. I can't run Ableton Live. I have a solution that involves netjack and a Windows 10 KVM virtual machine...but I end up troubleshooting more than musicmaking...

re: bikes, encyclopedialex 

@quarky @monorail @socks I mean, the branding has traditionally been gendered (thanks 100 years of existence) but that's less common these days. A "women's frame" is just a step-through frame: heaver and a little less utilitarian, but you can get on/off it much more easily. And wear skirts or dresses.

re: Late night bass thoughts 

Oh yeah - and on-the-fly technique switching! I ended up:
- composing a new bassline based around picked bass
- arranging versions of that with pure fingerstyle and fingers+thumbstrumming
- finding out that my Jazz bass' bridge pickup has the perfect gap to hold a pick
- practicing on-the-fly technique switching whenever I dropped a pick :)

Always good to know how you can achieve the same sound (or a good stand-in) when your main technique fails. (Dropped pick, tired fingers...)

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Late night bass thoughts 

So I heard Ariana Masters' "Summertime" (youtu.be/uma9Qr5Ob-A?t=2045) a lil' while back and thought "this could use a little more dynamic bass than it has..."

I've unintentionally discovered that it's actually a great song to practice different techniques on :) I've been mostly a fingerstyle bassist before now, but this has been an excuse to practice good left-hand muting, which enables some wacky right-hand work using either a pick or a kinda double-thumb tech borrowed from slap bass.

Today, we honor Sandy, the most curious guinea pig I knew, my closest friend for many, many years. She passed away early this morning, circling around once to check on the other pigs, then nestling herself into her favorite little spot one last time.

I’ll always miss the way you’d try and figure out anything. The way you notice everyone coming and demand to boop their nose. The way you’d always remind me that my left shoulder will always be your perch.

Sleep well, my beloved piggie.

I'm writing an infopage/blagpost about my machines (and the stories behind their hostnames), and a funny one came to mind... 

In the repair shop today, someone recycled a decently powerful HP laptop for some reason. It works, mostly - just a bad battery. Before I had the chance to start refurbishing it, though, my coworker Kevin began bouncing parts off it into the e-waste bin to its left. Thus, today it was christened `backboard` :)

re: Audiio Hazard 

@clarjon1 dammit clarjon

re: Shop talk +, some caps 

@clarjon1 noiiiiiice!

Vaguely real 🦋 

You know you’re captivated when you’re sat up in bed with a headache from the headphones...and yet still you go onward for the sake of a photographer’s story and her butterfly-haired best friend.

Title works best on iOS.

Bah, I should not lie awake in the ridiculous hours of the morning playing Life is Strange. Then again, the beautiful storytelling compels me.

@quarky is this where you do up an autonormalizer-compressor plugin lol

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