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@clarjon1 exhausting but fun, or exhausting but exhausting?

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I'm suddenly in the mood to write a super stereotypical "angsty teen, my life's in pieces, I CAN ONLY FIND SOLACE IN ROCK GUITAR" piece...go figure!

Help me out fedi, I've got a chorus but I need a bunch of just-barely-angsty lines :)

@polychrome chroma is even worse: there's hardly any bandwidth allocated to it on a vhs. if you were to digitize it, you'd only get an effective 40 pixels per scanline of chroma resolution...but wait! this is analog, so those 40-ish "pixels" of chroma information are smeared together across the scanline.

this all applies to PAL too, besides the NTSC dotcrawl. how do you achieve this? frankly, i'm not certain what tools you'd use; I have a VHS deck wired up for this. maaybe ffmpeg smth? (2/2)

@polychrome so there's two parts here: NTSC (assuming America) composite video and the VHS itself.

even a perfect NTSC signal isn't great - it introduces fuzzy artifacts at sharp color transitions that's visible as dot crawl. also it's interlaced, so there's that.

the VHS tape makes things even worse. there's very little bandwidth: all 480 lines are still there (that's a broadcast standard, and no TV would accept the signal without them), but horizontal luminance is smeared. (1/2)

So I've had a first-gen Razer Orochi for many years...that's sadly sat in a drawer for a while. I couldn't use it as my desktop mouse (my desk is so full I can't run a cord, and no BT), and I haven't lately needed a mobile mouse. Sure, a generic keyboard and Logitech basic mouse work...but something just doesn't feel right.

I finally spoiled myself - one Bluetooth adapter and an iKBC CD108BT later, and I'm back in the world of elegantly-designed peripherals. Feels good to be back :)

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@frinkel >.< 80c isn't out of spec by any means but it's pretty toasty

@frinkel gotcha, gotcha

too high of a memory/core clock can cause weird artifacting; that's why I asked :)

see if you can view temps during the stress test - they'll rapidly fall as soon as the test is over

re: oddly divisive post 

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cursed programming thing, take 3 

@envgen :( always sad to lose a travelling companion...

no chance of fixing her?

@quarky how many instance hops does this make now hahahaha

Why on earth was this my thought process last night?!

> Oh, I'm hungry, and it's 1:30 AM.
> Let's cook something quick and easy...
> How about spicy mac and cheese with a proper Bechamel?

To be fair, sleepy me didn't do any fun meat or panko or anything...and I got a slightly gritty bechamel, whoops. Still tasty though! Didn't even take that long.

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