The record wall is coming along nicely! Still need to fill one more space...but my @envgen tape sits there nicely for now :)

Interesting one in particular: Emasculine by @envgen, but shifted up from C to Eb. It sounds...wrong...but there's a weirdly neat sound to the vocals once the chorus kicks in. Not quite sure how I feel about it...

Repurposing my 4U workstation as a portable (well...) streaming rig tomorrow! Wish us luck :)

selfie, ec 

My wallet is not happy, but I'm the proud new owner of a Nikon D7500. A worthy upgrade for my 2004's a quick sushi comparison :) (Same lens/settings/composition to the best of my ability)

Included photo is from the D70; the D7500 photo is too big, so here's a link:

So I made a thing! 4TU has a little GUI library called Chesto, and we needed a little barebones test app...hence, ChestoTesto.

Took the principles behind the Italian pan sauce and applied it with Asian flavors. Yum.

Chicken, bell peppers, onions, liaojiu (often erroneously called shaoxing wine), soy sauce, chili powder, salt, pepper, sugar, sesame oil.

Pros of avi generators: cool avis! yay!

Cons of avi generators: they look similar enough that my peripheral vision has decided @quarky and @clarjon1 are the same avi, which has gotten mildly confusing at times hehehe :)

Well, crap. A bunch of followbots from just inflated my follower count. *sigh*

Well *done*, Hoopla. (ranty tech thing) 

So this is cool. I've finally got ACE running on my SNES after diagnosing a weird hardware fault with much help from dwangoAC (thanks again!)

It's currently playing Radio TASBot over...the controller ports. Yup!

I know it's inaccurate, but I needed a way of telling them apart :)

re: Tech rambling, live troubleshooting 

Tech rambling 

Did somebody say bread? :)

First attempt turned out pretty good actually. Takes quite a bit of time...but it's worth it.

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