@netkitty *sees netkitty snoozing everywhere*

how in the...somehow kitn is everywhere at once!

i wonder if kitn will appear in that empty 2U space between my servers...

@compucat *pops head out of empty space between your servers* hello :3

@FreyaManibrandr @netkitty Well spotted! That rack has:
- said D-110 (which I've repaired a few times, driven by a Roland UM-ONE)
- a Firestudio 2626 (works, but unused) and a Behringer FCA1616 (half-working, also unused)
- Shelf with HDMI/Ethernet switches (and netkitty)
- Whitebox 2U server
- 4U VM workstation in an el-cheapo chassis
and an X32 Producer (the audio interface I'm *actually* using lol) on top of the whole thing.

@compucat @netkitty Nice nice. I do plan on collecting old synths in rack format. I have a MOTU MIDI Express 128 and an XV-5050 that each takes up 1U. I also have a Roland SC-8850 which appears to be 2U tall and half-rack wide, and a Roland SD-50 that doesn't fit the rack convention.

I have a Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 for an interface as well, though that's far from anything resembling a rack format.

@FreyaManibrandr @netkitty Oooo, tasty! Old (and not-so-old) Roland modules are tons of fun.

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