SUCCESS! My stupid music-production-on-Linux audio stack... finally "complete"! My interface (and too many other software bits) aren't *quite* Linux-compatible or stable enough to use, so I've resorted to the following stack:

Ubuntu 19.10
5.3.0-lowlatency kernel
KVM/libvirt + cpu pinning
Windows 10 Edu
Radeon 7950 and USB controller PCIE-passed through
Looking Glass (for video out)
TASCAM US-1800 (for audio out)
netjack2 (for Linux audio over network, through Windows, through the TASCAM)

re: SUCCESS! My stupid music-production-on-Linux audio stack... 

I'm stress-testing this crazy stack tonight...

It's actually *super* nice. It's a lot of tools that need to seamlessly work together, but...when they work, it's magical. Video is seamless within KDE, audio is nicely blended and can be routed intelligently...yah!

It's only crashed once or twi....welp, just crashed again >.<

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