Linuxy question, either stupid or genius 

So I've been looking for a transparent solution to on-the-fly transcoding media on my NAS for streaming to less-powerful clients. Namely, a Wii and a PS2, neither of which have fast H.264 decoders available. I'd rather not transcode my *entire* library to MPEG-2 ahead of time just to support these little guys...

How feasible is it to set up a directory of virtual "files" that mirrors the structure of my main media directory... (1/2)

(2/2) Linuxy question, either stupid or genius 

...somehow calling ffmpeg or some other backend to transparently transcode the media from its source H.264 or H.265 format on-the-fly?

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(3/2) Linuxy question, either stupid or genius 

Some context:
- Media clients are accessing files over an SMB share
- yes I've considered Plex, but I have no desire to homebrew an entire freaking plex client for the wii
- SMB has some sort of named pipe thingy, wonder if that can be (ab)used

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