Pros of avi generators: cool avis! yay!

Cons of avi generators: they look similar enough that my peripheral vision has decided @quarky and @clarjon1 are the same avi, which has gotten mildly confusing at times hehehe :)

@compucat thanks for immortalising the fortnite toot
also heck @clarjon1 good taste in cute avis

@quarky @clarjon1 mmm this is getting even better, i'm getting simultaneous notification pop-ups from the both of you now :)

my peripheral vision is justly confused

@compucat @quarky Soon you shall be assimilated too...

I mean hey have you considered using an avi generator? :3

@clarjon1 @quarky heck, i've used this avi for so many years i don't think i'll ever change it, heh

unless I go out and start using an IRL pic of myself (gasp, avatars actually being a photo? shock!)

@clarjon1 @quarky then again, a certain someones *did* try to generate me a fursona know who you are ;)

@compucat @quarky Wait Ash changed their avi I didn't realize ahhh
(Removed clarjon1 from this toot cuz don't wanna accidentally spam their mentions)

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