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Today, we honor Sandy, the most curious guinea pig I knew, my closest friend for many, many years. She passed away early this morning, circling around once to check on the other pigs, then nestling herself into her favorite little spot one last time.

I’ll always miss the way you’d try and figure out anything. The way you notice everyone coming and demand to boop their nose. The way you’d always remind me that my left shoulder will always be your perch.

Sleep well, my beloved piggie.

Last night's dive brought me to, of all things, Smidget's PIU freestyling videos.

I love finding little old pockets of the Internet.

Still kicking myself all this time later that I didn't get tickets when dodie came through my area on her last tour. :(

Tonight's lesson: Whole Foods' pasta is good quality but not starchy enough for a good aglio e olio. Garofalo pasta fared much better.

Public announcement, mandated by the Rules 

I lost the Game.

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idea: flowchart-oriented technical support wiki

kinda like a support forum, but instead of being oriented for threads containing posts, you ask a question, and replies come like flowchart blocks where you respond to spin it off in a direction

and then if someone else has the same question but a different cause, they can branch it off wherever their problem starts to differ

blocks can be edited, annotated with sources, marked out of date, etc. with the idea being that what starts as a forum-post like "i have this problem please help" grows into a living document for solving that problem

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Wii U devkit ODE, called the "MION", takes the cake for the most cursed shipping protocol abuse I've seen for a little while
I'm not 100% on this, but it seems to tunnel *BSD sockets* over SCSI vendor commands/ATAPI
yes. BSD sockets over SATA.

Fwahaha, I'm not sure whether to be proud or ashamed of this. While testing multistream RTP feeds with Janus, I've ended up rolling together an 1195-character-long ffmpeg command. It's ridiculously long hahaha

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Listening to emotional music late at night (when I get emotionally vulnerable) was a mistake.

A beautiful mistake :)

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Engineers are kids licensed to play with bigger toys.

Working on my 3D printer tonight as I do EE work. More and more of its parts are slowly being replaced by printed replacements...did somebody say RepRap? :)

Currently working on a set of DELTARUNNER carriages to replace the existing set I have that don't match the arm spacing of my effector.

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Whenever I hear something really interesting and profound:

"Oh, that's neat, that's something I shall remember! But since I keep forgetting such things all the time, I should probably take a note somewhere."

So I go get a pen and a paper and then I... already forgot what it was I wanted to remember.

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if you read the i486 manual, you'll find some really weird things that don't make sense. for example: the fpu instructions universally have faster timings if you are operating on memory addresses rather than fpu registers.

and surely that can't be right. right? surely that's going to be slower.

and that's the common wisdom of the day. if you find old usenet discussions about it, people will say that yes, the timings are faster, but in the real world it doesn't work out like that, the memory fetch cycles aren't included there, and of course working with registers is faster. there's no other way it could be. if you dont believe it write a benchmark test.

and like other common wisdom, that's just completely wrong.

you can write all the real world tests you like (i just did), and what you will find is that the fpu is
nearly always faster with memory addresses than with it's own internal registers. why? who knows! but that's how intel made it, that's how they described it in the manual, and, counterintuitively, that really is how it works.

(For reference, that sub was a Fulcrum TS221 - fantastic little sub. I didn't get a chance to play Hypocrisy through the other PAs I demo'd, but out of the other subs there I found the D&B V-SUB and L'Acoustics KS28 traded blows throughout the listening session. V-SUB barely won on tightness, KS28 barely won on overall musicality. Wasn't as impressed with the Martin or Adamson subs there, though Martin's line array was wonderfully pleasant to listen to.)

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Was doing a PA shootout a little while back. Turns out that FM bass in Hypocrisy by @envgen is a fantastic subwoofer test with all those sharp transients. It's super hard to make a sub tight, powerful, and musical all at the same time...

Ugh, how I miss being an on-campus university student. With the campus deserted, there are so many great quiet spots to enjoy. (And great architecture!) Too bad it’s now a drive away instead of merely a minute’s walk.

Oh yeah, last night's Keep Talking stream with @quarky was quite fun! Enjoy this clip of them definitely not pressing the detonate button:

I'm in a newly constructed medical school building for the first time. It's quite a neat place, I'm a fan of the architecture. And the background noise. Should I get a field recorder?

My iPhone works well enough for now, but I am so tempted :)

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