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Life’s livid parts. 

Today, I discovered that, while I was away, my former roommate sublet his bedroom of my apartment to a stranger. I walked in to collect my test tools for work. Instead, I found a stranger cooking food with my tools, rewiring my media center, rearranging my belongings to his desires, and doing all this with electricity on my dime. (How could I split utility bills with someone I did not even know I lived with?)

Put simply, I am livid, and I must think before seeking recourse.

@kdy Requesting instance block of; I've received suspicious/provocative follow requests from that domain and if it's at all connected to the toxic/doxx-focused kiwifarms forum, I don't entirely feel safe federating with it. (Up to you of course.)

Does anyone have both a 3DS w/ Loopy capture card and a Mac running 10.9 or higher (preferably Catalina)? A friend and I are fixing a bug in Cute3DSCapture and need someone to test on real hardware.

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Hi there. Does anyone here know of a good alternative to Cloudflare's no-cost CDN? I'm being asked by someone who has agreed to ditch it if there's a platform that fulfills the same function at the same cost.

Bass pedalboard thoughts 

So I'm building a bass pedalboard - finally! Nothing fancy, just some scrap 2x4 that I'm finishing up somewhat nice.

Currently just my Boss TU-3 and a SansAmp clone, but I'm thinking of adding:
- Darkglass B3K or clone
- Another distortion - a Tubescreamerish thing with modified feedback filters?
- Possibly a light chorus for fun ambient stuff
- Possibly a delay for the same reason
- Something pitch/synth - massive Dave Hollingworth fan, so the HOG2 is on my shortlist of course

re: Technobabble: took apart my bass amp - a lil' Acoustic B50C combo - it's wonderfully modular! 

I only took it apart to resolder what I thought was a loose solder joint on one of the pots, but now I'm too invested :) Looking forward to doing a bit more analysis of the preamp circuit at some point.

The fact that it's all modular gives me some neat ideas...could do a poweramp/PSU/speaker upgrade to improve sound/power/weight, or mod the preamp, or even just replace the pre and front panel entirely...

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Technobabble: took apart my bass amp - a lil' Acoustic B50C combo - it's wonderfully modular! 

There's a "50W" TDA7294-based power amp module with a giant transformer and 7815/7915 combo linear PSU, all mounted to the rear of the cabinet. That connects via a neat little 5-pin cable to the preamp/front panel PCB, which takes in +/- 15V and returns a line level signal :) Looks like a pretty simple design, just 4558 op-amps and passives. (And a single 1N4148 diode)

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Cup/Plates/Cutlery check!

Take a quick moment to peek around your desk / work area for any mugs, bowls, plates, cutlery, etc that should go back to the kitchen!

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shoutouts to the poor IT tech in high school who told me to "get a real OS" after my laptop had trouble getting on their WiFi
I nearly broke their desk slamming down my laptop as it booted the VM

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welcome to microsoft windows. would you like to:
- defrag your hard drive
- degauss your hard drive (default)

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I'm going to switch instances, and is unlikely to stay online after that. I'm trying to make the migration tool work so y'all *should* be moved over seamlessly, but hey, it's worth mentioning.
see @quarky

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thinking about the difference between a firefighter demanding you leave a building and a police officer demanding you leave a building

"you're not solving this problem. I am."


"you're not solving this problem I am."

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2020, what a year so far 😕

^Z ^Z ^Z ^Z ^Z

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or as I've recently taken to calling it, Windows plus NT

Holy *cow* the new server is fast. Thanks @kdy!

For those who know my location: yes, I am safe. That’s all.

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Personal thoughts / meta / Protest mentions 

Friendoes, PLEASE mark your protest related stuff.
I know it's a good cause and reason to post that stuff, but It's just burning me the heck out to see it so constantly untagged.

Welp, that's great. Turns out my parents house has a water leak from the bathroom...which is right above the room I'm staying in.

And on top of that, I've likely got a sinus infection.


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you'd think, given the amount of time I give to uni homework tasks and assignments, that I'd be getting them done early and efficiently
but no! it's an endless hole that has turned theoretically infinite free time into basically none
I'm really sorry if you're one of the friends I've neglected

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