So I'm now running a stupid audio chain... 

And we have a lead! Seems the TASCAM US-122 mkII uses the same Ploytec-based driver that the US-1800/US-1641 does!

This was also known as the US-122L...which somebody wrote a Linux driver for already! Perhaps there's some useful info here...

Note to myself for later: I'm starting back up on the trail of TASCAM US-1800 Linux driver RE'ing. Going to use the fediverse as a sort of "notepad" for writing a blogpost later...what should we tag this, maybe

(ouch, the mp3 compression *really* hurt the high end on that one....that's unfortunate)

Interesting one in particular: Emasculine by @envgen, but shifted up from C to Eb. It sounds...wrong...but there's a weirdly neat sound to the vocals once the chorus kicks in. Not quite sure how I feel about it...

Spending tonight enjoying some favorite music...through PulseEffects' pitch-shifter. It's a remarkably good real-time pitch shifting engine (based on RubberBand IIRC?), and it's super neat hearing new takes on certain tracks.

Almost makes me want to record some music intentionally designed to have pitch-shifted chorus vocals...hmmm

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Just blogged: An Average WiiU Bug: SDL Audio
(aka me whining about a difficult bug for a few hundred words)

It seems I've been delinquent with monthly blogposts: I've missed *5*! In a row!

Let's fix that:

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Thanks to EFF's members, we just scored a major privacy win for you and your electronic devices at the U.S. border.

Please join us to support crucial legal work and public advocacy

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why do I keep writing songs I can't sing

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on the topic of my site, I'm gonna have to remove the fedi timeline thanks to this.. change
I turned off disqus while I was there (because it sucks) - so once that goes live I think I'll be back to zero JS

Lessons learned from 4U-turned-streaming-rig:
- amdgpu-pro drivers are buggy, and latest mesa has a memory leak with amdgpu and OBS, so time to downgrade
- windows obs won't render on gpu without a monitor attached - time for a dummy plug
- take your dang hard drives out before bumping this thing around like a solid state machine (in fairness, they were hidden in the hotswap bays)

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feels like all my apps are leaking memory lately

Repurposing my 4U workstation as a portable (well...) streaming rig tomorrow! Wish us luck :)

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TIL the Windows XP wallpaper is literally on fire and it's a perfect metaphor for the tech industry right now and also very disconcerting

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My understanding of IPv4 exhaustion timeline:

2011: we are out of IPs.
2012: we are really out of IPs.
2014: we are really really out of IPs.
2015: we are really really really out of IPs.
2017: we really really really really are out of IPs.
2018: we really really really really really are out of IPs.
2019: we are really really really really really really out of IPs.

Score: I now have a cute lil' GT 710 for GPU acceleration in my VM server!

Not much, but it'll let me give a VM NVENC...or test something with a non-AMD card :)

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Was working on this but it doesn鈥檛 match what I鈥檓 doing with the album I鈥檓 working on but I still like it so it鈥檒l probably be a single at some point

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selfie, ec 

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