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do you remober 🎶
21st night of october 🎶

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I'm suddenly in the mood to write a super stereotypical "angsty teen, my life's in pieces, I CAN ONLY FIND SOLACE IN ROCK GUITAR" piece...go figure!

Help me out fedi, I've got a chorus but I need a bunch of just-barely-angsty lines :)

So I've had a first-gen Razer Orochi for many years...that's sadly sat in a drawer for a while. I couldn't use it as my desktop mouse (my desk is so full I can't run a cord, and no BT), and I haven't lately needed a mobile mouse. Sure, a generic keyboard and Logitech basic mouse work...but something just doesn't feel right.

I finally spoiled myself - one Bluetooth adapter and an iKBC CD108BT later, and I'm back in the world of elegantly-designed peripherals. Feels good to be back :)

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cursed programming thing, take 3 

Why on earth was this my thought process last night?!

> Oh, I'm hungry, and it's 1:30 AM.
> Let's cook something quick and easy...
> How about spicy mac and cheese with a proper Bechamel?

To be fair, sleepy me didn't do any fun meat or panko or anything...and I got a slightly gritty bechamel, whoops. Still tasty though! Didn't even take that long.

D'oh, is down. *Somebody* forgot to renew their domain. Just waiting on github's student pack to re-up and I'll have my domain back, don't worry <3

My wallet is not happy, but I'm the proud new owner of a Nikon D7500. A worthy upgrade for my 2004's a quick sushi comparison :) (Same lens/settings/composition to the best of my ability)

Included photo is from the D70; the D7500 photo is too big, so here's a link:

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hey frens, I've had to turn off my home server for a bit
so. no xmpp, no website. sorry!

Random anecdote - somebody followed me and triggered not one but *two* Mastodon notification blips, so I set out to find the offending duplicate Chrome tab.

....apparently I have many, many, *many* more tabs open than I thought I did. Enough to eat up 5GB RAM right now.

Then again, is that really a surprise? :)

I've apparently joined the mechanical keyboard club. Gotta say...between my ThinkPad keyboard and these MX Clears, I'm set as far as keys go - both are just so lovely to type on. The faster the better >:)

So I've managed not to post to my website for a sold 3 months. Well done.

Don't worry, I"m not dead :) I'll have a lil' placeholder up soon to buy me time while I write a giant update.

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Going live w/ @audrey: we are playing a game called Save The Furries
we know nothing else about it
come hang out!

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"When C is your hammer, everything looks like a thumb"

Banned C standard library functions in Git source code:

So I made a thing! 4TU has a little GUI library called Chesto, and we needed a little barebones test app...hence, ChestoTesto.

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xkcd is when you want to know how many attempts it would take Serena Williams to shoot down an unmanned aerial vehicle using tennis balls so you ask her and she agrees to help with your experiment

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