mad at opencl/linux/blackmagic 

Showerthought: I remember reading about crazy stupid Linux user setups as a kid and thinking "meh, I'll never be that crazy, I'll just use Linux with a pretty normal setup. Right?"

Oh how wrong I was...virtual machines akimbo, pcie passthrough, running freaking *audio* through a VM, custom kernel compilation :)

I think I'm turning into

A screenshot from one of my online labs: it seems TAs are showing their funny side now that everything's online :)

Just received my SE V7 microphone...currently in love!

It's so wonderfully smooth-sounding, especially in the top end, and with none of that annoying SM58 honk. (Still a presence boost, but very manageable and natural.) Combined with the super EQ'able handling noise and supercardioid polar! Looking forward to trying this out live.

In the *meantime*'d be nice to use this as a Discord call mic w/o headphones, but I'm living with family right now so that's a no-go anyway :/

Bah humbug. While moving my S90ES, a big ol' box hit one of the faders and killed it.

*sigh* That's going to be a fun solder job...

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I’m finally gonna use my mouth simmons on a song

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if only id mined bitcoin instead of running folding@home in 2009, i'd have enough money to run thousands of folding@home rigs right now

Yup, my university just cancelled in-person classes due to covid-19. \o/

Back in May 2017, I built a bass from cheapo eBay parts. Definitely imperfect - they're cheap parts, and I'm no luthier...really, it was only meant for a bit of test recording, nothing much.

I never imagined that nearly 3 years later, I'd be playing this beauty at big shows with other talented musos!
(Okay, it's just a club venue, but *technically* I'm on the headlining act!)

So, so proud of her - in a way, we've kinda grown together. Pics in the morning when I'm not *yawn* sleepy. :)

Well this is slightly humorous - my long hair has foiled me again!

One of the wheels on my chair broke - it's built of three parts (the housing, a wheel/axle combo, and a secondary wheel). The secondary wheel had popped off the axle and refused to stay on for more than a minute.

Turns out, after rolling this thing around for as long as I've had it, enough stray hair had netted itself up around the axle that I couldn't push it far enough out to mate with the secondary wheel! Go figure.

Junkbin bass saga continues!

I've purchased a grey pearloid pickguard, a new nut (Tusq XL of course), and a used DiMarzio Model P.

Also planning on swapping out one of the pots for a pushpull to do series/parallel on that pickup. Might repaint the body, haven't decided yet.

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More on this: said junkbin bass is a Squier Affnity. Kinda beat-up dark blue finish, failing output jack, pickguard in horrid shape. After a clean and's alright. Strings still sound *dead* for no good reason, but it definitely sounds like a P bass. I spent *far* too long today jamming on it - the blister on my middle finger is testament to that, heh.

I'm falling in love with that warm, not-too-pokey P sound - it just *works* where my modern overwound Jazz is too pokey.

Show thread's my birthday! What am I doing?

I've spent the last <> hours procrastinating, and I'm now up far too early in the morning with 6.5 hours before I need to wake up and no work done. I've done worse.

Is it really procrastination, though? I've had some wicked inspiration on guitar, fully diagnosed what my junkbin P bass (more on that in a second) needs, and realized why I *really* need a P bass in my gear collection. (I have nowhere to put it, though...)

Also, I kinda want a PowerEdge...

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So we just pulled off something insanely hilarious on dwangoAC's Twitch stream.
- I suggested "hey, wonder if we can inject an RTMP stream into dwango's stream?"
- TheMas3212, who has sysadmin privileges, started working on how to make it happen
- We managed to hijack an unused OBS Media Source and insert the RTMP stream into it
- We (including many friends) all sent RTMP streams to TheMas, who composited them and forwarded them to dwango's stream
- Cue his surprise at suddenly..hijacked stream!

I think I just got stupid lucky. Seller listed for $175 because "the label was damaged and had to be removed"

Idle thought: Why do I run Linux? 

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