find it very satisfying to maintain the tools i need often! let me change the serpentine belt on your car plz

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Yesterday, our mail-order space was destroyed in a catastrophic fire in downtown Olympia, Washington. Thousands of our books, posters, and stickers were entirely consumed along with computers and equipment.

Read our full announcement and how to help:

This represents a tremendous setback to us. To resume operations, we will need to replace the books, posters, stickers, computers, printers, packing materials, furniture, and many other things, and to secure a new space.

It's especially rough that this occurs when we are on the cusp of completing a Kickstarter campaign to reprint two of our books. Fortunately, those books are still in the printing queue at the factory, so they will go out as promised.

We are determined to get back on our feet, but we're going to need help. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us make it this far. If we can get through this, we promise to keep doing this work for decades to come.

hi y'all, i'm cloud. i live by a pretty big body of water. often am pedaling on my bike (i'm a year round commuter), reading something (most currently david graeber's debt: the first 5000 years), or spending time with my partner and my elderly cat. interested in a low-tech future (in a variety of ways). street medic. he/they.

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