Morning folks.

If you're a rustacean (#rustlang user) and would love to see - like me - an official account on #fosstodon I have created a post on

I have no idea if it get any traction 🤷‍♂️... but who knows.

Researching other languages got me thinking: what is it that makes Rust so awesome? It's not one or two features, but the synergy of many great features that makes Rust so awesome. But it's not just that, it's also the way Rust combines low level capability with expressive high level, zero cost abstractions that make it nice to organize large projects. It scales from embedded, bare metal firmware and kernel drivers to complex, cross platform GUI applications.

I'm thankful for the admin of the #Mastodon server I use having clear rules and a list of servers banned for fuckery:

Are there good masto/twitter bridges/reposters these days? It'd be nice if my toots/tweets that aren't replies or QRTs would show up on both sites.

On fediverse, remember that your admin has access to their instance database, and can read whatever you post, and whatever posts you can read, no matter what the access level is (and this includes DMs, of course). This is not significantly different to monolithic social media, except that the admin potentially has a smaller pool of people they can spy on, if they're so inclined. You should always share particularly sensitive information via end-to-end encrypted chat, no matter what platform you're using, fediverse or not.
#feditips #fedifacts

With #PeerTube, you choose the instance (the provider that hosts the software on its servers) where you create your channel 📺 : join a community that share your values.
👉 #FreeTheCreators

Now would be the prime time for any Mastodon admins with servers capable of accepting new users and scaling up to submit them to

More info: Shoot me an e-mail at

Binance gave Putin regime information on users who donated to opposition leader Alexei Navalny

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, shared customer data with the Russian government according to a Reuters special report. Reuters detailed how Binance provided the Russian government's financial monitoring service with data on Binance users who donated to Alexei Navalny, anti-corruption activist and prominent opponent of Putin.

dOnOaTe AnOnYmOuSlY iN cRyPtO :thunking:

#foot 1.12.0 has been tagged and released! 🎉

Semi-long list of changes, but here are the highlights:

* socket activation of foot server
* mapping keyboard input to custom escape sequences
* scrollback search mode highlights all matches
* improved LIGHT ARC box drawing characters
* fixed keyboard protocol compatibility with neovim >= 0.7

Full changelog at

Also after my external drive died, I thought my podcasts were gone forever (archiving them)... turns out I had a backup!

learned how to sync two directories using rsync and a cronjob. very simple and powerful.

Hello everyone, I didn't visit this site for what, almost two years? I kind of wrote it off, to be honest - wasn't too comfortable here and knew no one. The situation didn't change a lot, but I'm willing to give it a try one more time :)
I'm not entirely sure, whether I should upolad all my artwork I drew in-between or not, though.
More likely yes than no.

So once a drive doesn't show up in lsblk it is officially unrecoverable? ...great :(

He actually saw himself getting run over the n third person


There needs to be more personal accounts with normalized lewd-ity. Like I want to know about your interests/thoughts, AND drool over your body

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