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After all has been said and done, I only have you in this world. #pixelart #mastoart

Good morning :tootplanet: and tootfriends!

Today I wish you the satisfaction of something finished ✨

Tell people the good thoughts you have about them. Thank them for what they've brought into your life. Share with them the good effects they've left in their wake.

We need to hear these things. We need to hear that our friends love us, and that our presence in the lives of others has meaning and weight.

Be that person who earnestly shares their feelings instead of making jokes, even just for a few special people.

Interesting #conceptual design making agriculture in "hot and dry coastal regions" all the more efficient...

It a seawater-powered #solar #greenhouse and it's engineered to work with the variety of climatological region that has easy access to salt water, but maybe not fresh water... yet still do water-intensive agriculture.

"A #seawater greenhouse produces crops year-round in hot dry areas using only seawater and sunlight. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, strawberries, herbs—anything that can be grown in traditional greenhouses—can be grown in seawater greenhouses. The award-winning technology, invented by Seawater Greenhouse Ltd. founder Charlie Paton, was inspired by the natural water cycle where seawater heated by the sun evaporates, cools to form clouds, and returns to earth as precipitation."

"The idea behind the process is simple. It combines two unlimited resources - sunlight and seawater - to provide ideal growing conditions for crops in hot, arid environments.

The innovation [uses] the cooling and humidifying power of water vapor produced from evaporating salt water. Using modeling and simulation techniques developed in collaboration with our partners at Aston University, we are able to process local climate data to predict greenhouse performance and inform the design. The combined effect of reducing temperature and increasing humidity, together with providing a protected environment for crops, results in up to 90% reduction in Evapotranspiration. This to greatly reduced irrigation requirements, which can be provided by desalination, and improved growing conditions."


#SolarPunk #Agriculture #EcologicalDemocracy

It's clear that "technologically neutral" can lead to abuses: Tusky being "neutral because the tech permits it" could have led to more hate speech like "kill all Jews", Mozilla doing "nothing because certs are technically designed to work this way" lets the digital rights of Kazakhs be eroded.

It is clear that technology serves a human purpose, technology doesn't serve itself, so I believe we shouldn't let our human morals be a slave to technology, we should make technology reflect our humanism

⛔ Facebook insère un code secret dans les photos pour pouvoir les pister

Pour faire simple, Facebook ajoute ses propres métadonnées aux images téléversées sur sa plate-forme pour en améliorer l'identification, dans et hors de son réseau avec j'imagine un web crawler.

Facebook est le cancer de l'Internet, il se répand partout, empoisonne tout les échanges et fait peser un péril grave sur l’existence même du réseau.

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HEY. @Tusky is excellent. As of me writing this post, their Open Collective balance stands at $1592.59.

If people can get $200 more dollars in the till (that's $1792.59) by the end of the day tomorrow (36 hours for me, give or take a few), I'll match it with $200 dollars of my own.

I also challenge other folks in tech with a little money to throw around to match my match, even partially.

thinking of attending a Linux user group meetup

"Oh! I thought you two were the same," I said.
The Void and the Abyss sighed together.
"Have you even looked at me?" the Abyss said.
"Honestly," said the Void, "I could scream, but what would be the point?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

IN THE YEAR TWO THOUSAND AND NINETEEN people get irritated when their magic information boxes stop them from distracting themselves from controlling high-speed explosive heavy machines.

You've always been a little different but your family loves you. You're 40 years old and still live with mom, dad, and your little brother. Today they introduce you to someone new, say he's a new family member. It was then you realize you're more like him then them. You're the family dog.
#writingprompts #writing

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