Linux elitism makes me sick. I'm tired of people screaming at me what I should be doing on my computer. Shouldn't the linux desktop be about freedom, not about basement people with super inflated egos narrowing your choices?

Please don't be a linux elitist. It's not healthy for the community and your social life.

Hello, refugees! I am not sure to understand how a Twitter acquisition made you switch social networks altogether (please let me know!), but I hope you'll find an instance you call home :)

It's funny that companies using an open office to save money are often the ones not willing to go full remote because they are worried it will hurt productivity.

/r/place is back on Reddit! And this time, the GNU/Linux community got together and placed a little section for tux. I am not sure about the Microsoft logo just next to it, though (right below the Netherlands flag)...

You dont want to support users with MS-Teams. Search results (when you need them) for this app is absolute garbage, even on the big G.

Damn cat successfully pressed on my main PC's power button while I was actually WFH working... But hey heres a pic I took yesterday anyway.

If a shark swims faster than me, but I run faster than a shark, this means triathlon's winner will be decided in the biking segment. (Not mine, but just picture in your head a shark trying to cycle!)

Just woke up to the news of the independent ISP i'm using being bought by *THE* largest telecom company in Canada. Said telecom name rhymes with "Hell", fill-in the blanks ;). And I am even more anti-Hell that I am pro-FLOSS (I went the extra mile to NOT use their networks), given their track record of lack of decent customer service and their "too big to fail" status. Yeah, slightly pissed, but first world problems and all :)

I had to make a change with the Arch logo in the Minetest. In the spirit of free software, I am adapting and sharing it with the world :)

Oh god, now that I have a few FSF follwers in there, I need to get more active as well! The pressure... :D

Thanks for bringing online , @fsf ! Here is an logo done in the LP Minetest instance.

Oh and believe me, as of this morning, even if the cables are pretty much hidden, my desk is STILL a mess! You don't want an after picture just yet.

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: "It's not much, but it's mine". This is actually a "before" picture from my cable management showcase - new cat in the house kinda forced me to conseal as much cables as possible 😅

I didn't take time yet to do an "after" picture, the fact that after FOSDEM I needed to swap all door handles in the house kinda explains why :P

This one caught me off guard, but it's a clever way to enable vim mode.

Thats from the Obsidian markdown editor, btw.

Barinsta developer recieves C&D letter from Facebook for its Android Instagram client. Up next, Frost? Not liking the "our way or the highway" with Facebook...

Well okay. Not liking Facebook at all is more like it.

Deux ans plus tard, plus ou moins >~40 mots par minute sous la dispositon , c'est pas rien! Plateau à 50.

À propos du retour de Richard Stallman au conseil d'administration de la Free Software Foundation #Québec #FACIL #GAFAM #FSF #RMS

Threats to (curl) developer 

So there's a guy who went apeshit crazy to a developper of an EXCELLENT tool (curl) and sent theats emails. He sounds like he's mentally sick (and i've seen my share); sending that kinda words to somebody that worked his ass off to a free software for years makes me sick- there's no way he deserved that!

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I really don't get Element/Matrix, as in the network, not the client. Slow loading times to get updates, channel versions ("you have unread notifications on a former version of this channel" (what?!)), unread notifications/archived channels that won't go away... feels a bit beta-ish to me. Not hating; maybe the experience would be more stellar on a selfhosted environment...??

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