erecting a 100-ft tall obsidian monument to wolfram alpha for its help.

how to tell if your roommate is a ghost-
objects seem to move while you sleep
only awake at impossible times
wears all-dark clothing or translucent robes
never seen outside of the room
actually manages to complete all work (lack of need for sleep)
floats several feet off the ground

hope this advice comes in handy!!

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this is a random question, but now i'm curious: which of these does the smell of help you, personally, to relax?

ghosts, toilets, wikipedia 

"this list may not reflect recent changes." you know something here, wikipedia? i'm terrified.


cw: meta
-> cw: meta
--> cw: meta

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*to the tune of blunt the knives*

test ya good, build a bot
help the people (haha not)
make so money an' make some more
that's what google's really for

hey, i've got a quick question for any friends using screen readers or who know how they work. i've got a habit of rounding off some syllables with apostrophes, such as " getting " to " gettin' " and " probably " to " prol'ly ".

anyone know how these get read on a screen reader? does it cause an annoying " gettin apostraphe ", or does it know to ignore the apostraphe? i couldn't find any anwsers online.

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yeah i like OSHA
Safety and

instead of cosmic horror and indescribable fears,

can i get aaa

cosmic love and indescribable joy??

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i have decided to give back to my community.

all hugs sent to my address will be sent back doubled.

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so, safety squares help us know if that thingie over there will hurt us. square for people?? i hereby declare we must all tattoo these on our foreheads

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out of sheer curiosity, how do you all know where you left off in a book?

idea: reverse rick roll: it looks like a super obvious rick roll, but it's actually meanin'ful content.

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