i wanna talk to someoen ,bdnsb IM so lonely

my brain feels wrinkly
Ahahahahaa Aaaa AAAAAA

@oatmealine dumbass my handle is just arceus not arceus413 SMH my head

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I found a copy of bna season 2

it won’t read for some reason? Any suggestions?

my twitter got hacked well
hi mastodon

hell she even tried getting nick to leave me

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This was tweeted by @ArsonGoddess@twitter.com cause i have the password to every single account known to man apparently since everyone is dming me their passwords

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Yo retweet if you love committing arson

bruh when i let @oatmealine2@twitter.com on my acc she said deactivate my acc

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has @ArsonGoddess@twitter.com even done anything on my acc other than madelyn saying "rrr DEACTIVATE"

man a dishsoap company is logged into my acc

i will fuck whoever voted ubuntu
and not the good one

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Help what distro to isnrall windows fucking sucks

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