hello mastodon, Yuki here

new pfp! new gemini capsule!


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my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

So here you go: Horse Life 98: Fediverse Exclusive DVD Commentary Edition

Horse Life 98 0: Pilot (12 Dec 2019)

Well, this is the comic that started it all. It says it all. I was bored one day and I messed around with a Windows 98 VM, then figured I could make comics with Microsoft Comic Chat like Jerkcity but with ponies, then took a screenshot of the VM and painstakingly edited it in GIMP and posted it on my blog and on the birdsite for all to see...

That was kinda fun for a bit. Or so I thought.

In any case, the guys on equestria.social will probably like the first few ones.

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Dunno what to say here, y'all interested if I post my old comics here and comment on them? That'd be fun.

So yeah, hi, I'm Yuki, clearly an anime girl, I often post about tech, programming, art, music and other random things that interests me

You can find my webcomic at yukiis.moe (which is currently kind of on hiatus)

I have a website at a39.ca I'm due to update soon, it's kinda ugly, come to think, I'm working on a new one

Other than that, have fun following me I guess

Pictured: it's me! Or at least what I want to make you believe it is? Who knows?

The Visual Basic code I'm dealing with at my job is so old there's Basic-style line numbers

You still can do that in VB6 apparently

You can do something like

Private Sub btnHello_Click()
10 MsgBox("hello")
20 GoTo 10
End Sub

It's valid VB6, it's not that much of a documented feature and it's highly cursed

And of course it won't work in a VBS script, you need actual Microsoft Visual Basic 6

Of course the whole IDE is single-threaded so if you do that kind of infinite loop you're kinda stuck until you Ctrl-Alt-Del and kill the whole IDE

I have absolutely no idea if it's gonna stick again but eh

Let's try again, idk, but for the new ones here:

Hi, I'm Yuki, I do webdev, I rant about random stuff and tech, I draw sometimes and I'm cute lol

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Hm, should use this account again now that everyone on Twitter got scared of Elon Musk and I'm way too lazy to host my own Mastodon instance again

Hi, I'm Yuki, and I was @ juju2143 on Twitter feel free to follow me idk

Hey, @Juju here

Probably should use this as my alt after I moved on my own server and said server broke for no reason

but yeah, calc.news broke for no reason and I can't seem to make it work again, wtf

I don't feel like cleaning out my Twitter account, so starting out on Mastodon seems like a fresh restart.

There you go, half of the toots I have ever sent here are about my birthday, lol.

That's what you get with a fairly new account.

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microsoft edge is a pretty good pdf reader but did you know it could also act as a web browser??

Well, this thing looks interesting. And way better than Twitter. Anyone here?

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