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Ello! its soup
A Uni student migrated over from
I'm a real fan of soup and all liquid based foods.
I'm no one knowledgeable about anything but I love me some astronomy and/or geology, along with whatever pops to mind.

It has somehow become *more* difficult to muddle around with drive partitions on windows :/

Thinking of installing windows on my second windows drive. lets hope dual booting doesn't break things as bad this time

A critical part of public transport, that is sadly missing in my current city, is busses/trains that run after midnight

With summer coming round I am slowly adding more fans to my desk.
Sorry not sorry for anyone I call.

Basking sharks gotta be some of the silliest looking things out there

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Loving how daily at 12am on the dot, youtube begins recommending nature documentaries

google knows too much

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Bought a new aoc monitor and they sent me a CD with the menus on it?? this thing was made this year!

Everything is so much more exhilarating when procrastinating, making tea has never been so electric!

Star Citizen may be a money pit but its moments like these...

US: crypto/nft bros getting owned (again) 

So as of couple days ago it seems the us now requires crypto and nft transfers of over a certain value to be reported to the irs.
I don't pretend to understand the economics behind it all but many in the space seem to be quite upset

With every knot I pull out my hair, the closer I get to 30 ;_;

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The Cat's Eye Nebula in Optical and X-ray

Image Credit: NASA, ESA, Hubble Legacy Archive; Chandra X-ray Obs.;

Processing & Copyright: Rudy Pohl #APoD

Wishing I knew whats going on with SSDs
Just pulled apart my laptop to make sure ive got the right form factor

Watching the league worlds after not playing for months is a very interesting experience

I really hadn't realised how large my cat has gotten

Searching for a definition of a phrase in a geophysics paper and finding only more papers is so frustrating
Its turtles all the way down :/

I have been informed by a reliable source that 2014 was the true peak. my point stands.

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