Today it's my anniversary at Mastodon! To celebrate, I'm going to do an (finally!):

I'm Roberto, known in the networks as Roboron. I live in and study Software Engineering (or I try).
Technology is not my only hobby, though. I also like video games and anime, I like to read and even write.
is my story of CF that I write in my free time (in Spanish).
I am and have been happily paired for 3 years.

I'm also known as "Polvorón".

[ES] ¿Habré sido tan idiota de no traducir CF (Ciencia Ficción) por Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)? Mira que hasta me sobraban caracteres... Pues nada, así se queda xD:

[EN] Was I such an idiot not to translate CF (Ciencia Ficción) for Sci-Fi (Science Fiction)? I even had some characters left.... Such a pity, but i'll let it as it is.

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