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"Ok boomer" is really one of the best insults of the decade, coming in right at the finish line.

An old lady was hasseling me when I was just trying to park in the parking lot of an unused building for a couple of minutes to make a mobile order on my phone. So I told her to call the cops, but I'd be long gone by the time they got there and that really threw her for a loop.

The reveal in Rosemary’s Baby is one of the funniest clips ever, I listen to it and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Okay so now I know I can't drink an energy drink after 10:00 PM. Usually straight caffeine doesn't affect me much but I guess there's so much in there that it got me.

He's running for city council by the way, not mayor. That is just his endgame.

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But it's Tucson, if he wants to win, why is he running as a Republican?

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I had to decide whether or not I would vote for my friend, former coworker this election. I don't understand why he's running as a republican because I know his history, and at least thought I knew his values.

Ultimately, I read his platform and it doesn't seem those values have changed.

So why is he running as a Republican?

His dream is to be the mayor of town, maybe they're the only people giving him a chance to run?

Somewhat Crass Article About Poison 

“here’s a useful little test: last time you ate anything containing beet sugar, did you turn blue and die? If not, don’t worry.”

It is at the point now where a lot of the places I go regularly like work or Madera Canyon, the animals tolerate my presence indefinitely if I am just waking near the , but run away as soon as I try to take a picture.

I can relate.

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when u say "good night" online but it doesnt really mean "i will sleep now" it's more like "i am no longer available for direct interaction but i may continue fucking around online for 0 to many hours"

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Payday on or around the first of the month is the worst because it sure does suck being instantly broke again.

At this point I kind of just audit the Simpsons. I can tell pretty quickly if an episode will be watchable. As you can probably guess it’s hard for me to let go of things.

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This year’s Treehouse of Horror was mostly funny.

Watching some of the awful episodes of recent years on the FXX marathon makes that a surprise.

Also I can do the Animal crossing Halloween event now (I change my town clock by about 2.25 hours to line up with my sleeping schedule).

At least I'll always have Halloween basketball. You'll never leave me.

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