I swore the climax featured Thor saving the day using super powers and everything. Shows how unreliable the memory is.

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It’s 11:11…make a wish. Oops I forgot to hit send so this is expired.

It’s definitely racist/classist but there is some charm in it somewhere.

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Adventures in Babysitting…I remember almost nothing about this movie.

I think I just made as many public posts in the last 10 minutes as I made all last month. Sorry.

Damn it's raining HARD and it was sunny 30 minutes ago. Monsoons rule.

I forgot the "Browse Profiles" thing exists. Is it weird to follow people from that?

It also has my own account on there. Does that mean it thinks I would enjoy reading my own content?

Well, hey guess what: I do.

I often start to get really sure about my aceness, but then come across something like all the attractive employees at Dutch Bros wearing basketball jerseys and shorts and am like "hmmm maybe not."

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Wow they spent 10K on a thermal paste testing rig. Amazing.

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I love the thoroughness that Gamers Nexus uses in their testing but I definitely start to zone out when they go over the variables of their testing methods. I'm glad they do it though.

@whiskeysailor I'm glad they're doing it. It is a bit weird though, since they did everything they could to stop you from asking the question "hey what's this ride based on?" and the only thing that is presented is the story of the rabbit and fox I have nostalgia for it and there is dissonance between what it seems to be and what it actually is. What it actually is though means it has to go and should never have been done.

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dearest himbos and himbettes (these are gender neutral, as you all know),,

i have decided to liquidate my assets and move the fuck out. maybe go to seattle or crash on ur couch. idk

there's lots of stuff i don't want to liquidate but instead want to pass on to a passionate collector or aspiring young nerd. old m68k mac stuff and some vintage Yaesu & Heathkit gear are at the top of this list. also got some 40g breeder tanks. any takers on the east coast? :boost_ok:

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If I wasn't basically *stressed* because of the ridiculous amount of RPGs I have bought recently that I haven't even had the chance to *see*, I would buy the Black Lives Matter 2 Bundle:

If nothing else, for War Birds (drivethrurpg.com/product/18802) and Winterhorn (drivethrurpg.com/product/20189).

Or, I don't know. Maybe I'll buy the bundle anyway 😓😓😓

COVID-19 and Groceries 

@stackingstones Yeah, same. I just keep ending up with things “off schedule.”

COVID-19 and Groceries 

I go back and forth between feeling guilty about using grocery delivery services because it is pawning my risk off on someone else, along with being distraught about the cost, and then feeling like a fool for entering a grocery store while dreading the physical stress of wearing a mask with bad lungs for twenty minutes.

I thought this might be the day I call my stepdad and say happy Father’s Day to him for the first time but I am not in a place for that level of emotion today. Maybe I will just send a card.

“There. Doesn’t it feel nice to now have a rest you actually earned?”

“I guess.”

There is very little buy-in from the internal voice even when something causes me to have enough energy to do a chore or something.

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