@noelle I found this out when a friend was questioning my choice to start taking down my Christmas lights at 12:00 AM December 26th.

Death Mention 

Death Mention 

@kai It definitely does to some extent. Like I was usually at least 15 minutes early to every class, but I'm 15 to 30 minutes late to work everyday.

But also stuff with friends, DnD, movies, stuff I care about, I also am chronically late to.

I am chronically late and this article doesn't really cover why. It just seems things happen right as it's time to leave. BUT it's the only article I've ever seen that tries to be nice to late people so I will link it.


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I've posted an update on my SNES preservation project. Executive summary: I will be lending it to the Game Preservation Society of Japan for a period of 2-3 years to perform the scanning work, and we really need help from *experts* on how best to ship 1,350 games from the US to Japan safely and securely. More here: byuu.page/2019/12/an-update-on

I took a ten minute nap between 7:30 and 7:40 so I guess this means I am not going to be tired at bed time.

@vecna Shades of Brown: Tech isn't all they talk about but they usually hit at least one tech topic every show: twoshadesofbrown.com

Hosted by the Fediverse's own @staticsafe and @chosafine

@krruzic Welcome back!!! Definitely noticed your un-presence.

Most of my music lives on a windows desktop which wasn't a problem until windows and MacOS/OSX stopped supporting original SMB which was probably for the best but I never bothered to fix the links after things broke.

But syncing in Catalina is awful and although I rarely sync anymore I really wanted some Christmas music on there and the fifteen minutes per sync was too much to bare so I frustratedly fixed all the broken links and now it's like 45 seconds.

It was probably not a great idea fixing my long-broken music library on my Mac until 3:40 am on a work night but what're ya gonna do.

I just started watching the Chip and Ironicus LP of Metal Gear Solid 5 . . . and man that opening makes me want to hop back into the game.

@kai the worst part is I need to keep itlight because I have a big dinner ahead of me.

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