I'm doing a Star Wars rewatch before the "last" one. Watching A New Hope now.

I'm not a "argh special editions bad!!!!" person because I think artists always have the right to revise their work and it was super common for authors to revise and change their work in subsequent editions before mass media. And truthfully I'm more used to the Special Editions than the original.

So it's funny that I find myself getting irritated at some of the changes in the Disney+ edition.

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Really it's just the blaster effects. They all look really bad.

The CGI has been updated and looks better but it's almost uncanny valley where the better it looks the more distracting it is.

I can't tell how I feel about all the insert of droids and critters from both the past and future of the series. Kind of cool but makes some stuff feel crowded.

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What is absolutely great though is how crisp some stuff looks in 4K. God damn '3PO is GRIMEY and there's a lot of texture to everything.

Pretty amazing for streaming, really, just pretty amazing in general. I'm probably gonna hit my datacap this money )=

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Also just a thing in general, it's always fun seeing how 70s this movie still is (makes sense they got a lot of the costumes from local thrift stores). Dudes with 70s haircuts everywhere or just regular late 70s clothes with stickers or metallic baubles attached to them. And most of the extras look like people from community theater. Oh and how often they come up with a reason for the droids to shut down or walk off because they didn't have the budget

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