My life is either boring or bad, or somewhere in between. It's never actually good.

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@kai Good question. Usually it's some vague concept of Freedom. Ah but Independence is an easily corrupted virtue.

@Ghost a balance of freedom and responsibility, perhaps…

@kai problem is all responsibility feels oppressive to me.

@Ghost I know I link to this all the time, but I'll link it again because it seemed to really help me


3 Things Make You Happy:

Work You Love
Living in a Place You Love
Being Around People You Love

Two out of three and you're doing better than 90%.

Three out of 3 and you've hit the jackpot.

One out of three and something isn't right … you're unsettled.

Zero out of three and life is miserable.

@Ghost me too!

and just seeing the word "miserable" used to describe my admittedly priviledged life was such a wakeup call.

Sure, I'm lucky have *a* job, but it's not work I'm suited to.

I like that Buffalo is near Cleveland, Rochester, and Toronto, but I'm not sure how much I love Buffalo itself.

My friends all moved away so close company is far and few between.

Well gee no wonder I feel like I have nothing to lose, even though anyone I talk to says that I "have it made"

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