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So tell me now
And I won’t ask again
Will you still find me slightly tolerable

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Please forgive me for my sins, I didn't want to be born a replyperson.

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I feel like I should say this somewhere and pin it. I hit like on your post because:

*It amused me.
*It made me think.
*I related to it.
*I have sympathy for you.
*I was trying to click something else and clicked your post on accident and un-liking a post is kind of rude.
*I just thought it was cool in general.

I don't like posts to flirt or to shame or anything weird like that.

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I'm sorry to all the people I like too many posts and make too many bad replies to.

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G1 is the raddest that is all there is too it.

I didn’t pay for my iPad, they let me keep it when I left a longtime job. And at the time I argued I probably wouldn’t ever buy one.

But as it reaches the end of its life (it is one of those 16 GB models that you could only get at a phone carrier which means the OS is like half the space and apps are too big now for me to have more then 3 or 4 apps on there which is getting very annoying) after 8 years of use, I dunno.

I don’t use it for much more than as a RPG Character Sheet device and a comic book reader. But it’s been so useful at those things. I have a fire tab that I did pay for and it doesn’t do either of those very well.

It’s also usually enough for travel. It is NOT good for mobile real work, that requires a laptop. But for a vacation it’s nice to have something bigger than my phone, is light and responsive. I don’t travel that often but I was usually glad I brought the iPad with me.

So I dunno. Maybe I will buy a new one if there is a Black Friday sale on the cheap ones.

I can't spell the world "messanger" without looking it up or using auto correct and this has gone on for like my entire life.

"All right boys, check this out"

*just makes some mouth noises*

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I guess they warn you at the beginning when someone asks the producer what they should say and he says, "just don't curse."

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Uhhh we like to sing
And all the cheese steaks we can eat
Boys to men we started singing and they said it sounded cool.

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Have you actually listened to the song Motownphilly?

I mean it's a true classic, but listen to the lyrics! Proof you don't need much to make a true banger.

Through a series of odd circumstances I was awake an hour and some change before my alarms go off. I am out picking up food now. I realize my alarms are going off in my apartment.

I want to steal some valor and buy a letterman jacket online for my high school but believe it or not it is still actually pretty difficult to do this.

Musings on a Theft 

I must have forgot to lock my door again because someone went through it again . . . but honestly this time they didn't take anything but a shitty rechargeable radio, some of my change, and possibly my universal phone tripod mount (which is pretty funny because for some reason I've lost like 4 phone tripod mounts ), about a dollar worth of nickels and dimes.

They left some bluetooth headphones and a high quality charging cables, which probably were the most valuable things in the car without going into the trunk.

I don't leave anything of value in my car anymore because this has happened so much. It is a weird feeling of violation, but also kind of makes me feel like I have bad taste that they didn't steal more, hahah.

I'm doing an 'email' fantasy draft this year for the second year in a row for the fantasy league I run. And while it's so much better, when you know you are about to do something STUPID the sports-pain of waiting hours to do that stupid thing, and hoping someone doesn't do that stupid thing first, is really difficult.

If you ever want to make someone from Prescott mad, it’s as easy as pronouncing it, “Press-Scott” so I encourage you to do so.

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The banner ad in the Fleaflicker apps as are so small that I can’t say for sure that is a racist march in the ad, but I think it’s fair to give the benefit of the doubt to Prescott AZ and say that it is.

JFC that was fucking dope.

Grade One indeed.

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Ishii and Shingo tore the fucking house down.

I tried to do delivery from target, but saw it was a 35 dollar minimum so I added 15 worth of stuff. I was too slow and it got converted to a drive up today. And the things I wanted were out of stock and I instead got only the stuff I added.

I would be mad if this wasn’t a purchase with a seven year old gift card.

Either updating home assistant or having a mini temper tantrum in my apartment seems to have everything working again.

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You will always be pursued by the futon of the abyssal portal.

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