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So tell me now
And I won’t ask again
Will you still find me slightly tolerable

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Please forgive me for my sins, I didn't want to be born a replyperson.

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I feel like I should say this somewhere and pin it. I hit like on your post because:

*It amused me.
*It made me think.
*I related to it.
*I have sympathy for you.
*I was trying to click something else and clicked your post on accident and un-liking a post is kind of rude.
*I just thought it was cool in general.

I don't like posts to flirt or to shame or anything weird like that.

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I'm sorry to all the people I like too many posts and make too many bad replies to.

A good way to do psychic pain to myself is to watch someone doing a live TikTok from Disneyland.

The older I get the more I realize my life is one long reverse “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Everyone really was better off without me.

Looking on Facebook and seeing all the people who showed romantic interest in me at one time but I did not reciprocate in time having gone on to happiness and joyful relations is good. Those people really dodged a bullet.

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I = good person
racist = bad person
Therefore, I =/= racist

People don't want to be labeled a bad person. But having prejudicial thoughts does not make you a bad—on the contrary, wrestling with those prejudices is what makes you a better person.

Someone on here once said Abraham Lincoln was secretly trans. Here is evidence, as the rest of the semi-colon lovers here were woman, and the haters men:

TikTok at night is wild homeperson. These lives of people just out there working their jobs. I love it. My people.

Like if I have an underlying annoyance I go from chill to "naw fuck these motherfuckers fuck them, I'm fucking out of here."

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I've become such a remarkably huge baby and I don't know why.

Spotify is cool but a sad thing to say about being old is that my carefully curated playlists last updated in like 2012 do a better job of making me feel.

Playing Metallica - St. Anger until I'm evicted.

"I like playing on the westside even though I miss playing on the east side, as long as you got my back then it's all right, we can party til the daylight"

-Joseph Stalin

"Damn I went to bed EARLY last night. Wow great job. Such an accomplishment. I'm so proud of myself! I did it. Parade time"

It was like 1:30 AM lol.

I am attempting to do this. Would love if some leaves and honey cured my lungs.

Very depressing turning back on all my work alarms.

There is pain that can never be soothed; how long must it be endured?

I am watching Taxi Driver. This is the third time I have seen it but I don’t remember any of this.

I am still out in the desert. I’ve not been ate. Had a mild pani. So I have been in my car for around 4 hours so I guess this isn’t camping. But I am at peace with it. The sun should be out in a couple hours and I should be able to navigate the rocky road home.

Big fail but I tried. Kind of.

I successfully set a hammock up in the desert. Well at least so far. Let’s see if it collapses at an in opportune time.

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