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So tell me now
And I won’t ask again
Will you still find me slightly tolerable

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Please forgive me for my sins, I didn't want to be born a replyperson.

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I feel like I should say this somewhere and pin it. I hit like on your post because:

*It amused me.
*It made me think.
*I related to it.
*I have sympathy for you.
*I was trying to click something else and clicked your post on accident and un-liking a post is kind of rude.
*I just thought it was cool in general.

I don't like posts to flirt or to shame or anything weird like that.

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I'm sorry to all the people I like too many posts and make too many bad replies to.

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Hahah . .. .I made it in to the PS5 queue and through to the buy page . . . but I was taking a nap and forgot that was what I was doing and when the noise went off from the other room, I thought my phone just made a weird noise. I got up from the nap 15 minutes later but after I logged in it was sold out )=

Sometimes I think I just killed my feelings rather than naturally arriving at this point.

But I guess it doesn’t always matter how you get somewhere, just sometimes that you are there.

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One of the most world confusing things I read was when someone posted an aromantic checklist and I basically hit most of the boxes. All the boxes except the crush ones. It is true that I initially chose having a crush because of peer pressure in 5th grade. But I worked myself into a shoot for that person. And then in middle school, high school, intense romantic desire. Same with early post high school years.

But then they just kind of stopped. I had one big one at my last job but that is it.

I can’t tell if I am playing Breath of the Wild so much because I am sad or if I am sad because I am playing Breath of the Wild so much.

“If we keep working like this we can solve child abuse, we can solve world hunger.”

It’s an office rental company what are you feeding people felt chairs?

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I watched the WeWork doc on Hulu. That is a cult that never would have sucked me in. Work til I drop? Dog I got video games to play and basketball to watch.

Sitting through a product demo when the guy we arranged the product demo for didn't show up to the product demo.

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I hope that is just a motorcycle because the implications of someone using a chainsaw outside at 3:51 AM are unpleasant to consider.

I hate when cleaning up a mess I've been putting off a long time only takes a few minutes. It's like damn I put this off for weeks (months [years]) for nothing.


Can I admit something?

When I am home alone I eat steak with my hands now.

What game spends more time talking to you to endlessly at the beginning of the game? Metal Gear Solid IV or the new Pokémon Snap?

There is just something eternally dope about putting on some headphones and turning the music up and bumping something, even if you live completely alone.

This is one of the worst things I’ve written but sometimes you gotta get it out.

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Check this out
The sun went down when I hit Slauson
On my way to the strip
Now I’m just flossin’
Checkin’ my rearview
Hey there Delilah it’s true
It’s what you do
It’s what you do to me
Rollin’ in my six-four
Hey there Delilah

Swing down
Sweet chariot stop
Let me ride
(Hey there Delilah)
Swing down
Sweet chariot stop
Let me ride

Hey there Delilah
What’s it like New York City?
I’m a thousand miles away
Hangin with Snoop, Dre and the rapper know as Fiddy

I guess the winter makes you laugh a little slower, makes you talk a little lower about the latest treat from Dairy Queen you could not show her.

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