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So tell me now
And I won’t ask again
Will you still find me slightly tolerable

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Please forgive me for my sins, I didn't want to be born a replyperson.

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I feel like I should say this somewhere and pin it. I hit like on your post because:

*It amused me.
*It made me think.
*I related to it.
*I have sympathy for you.
*I was trying to click something else and clicked your post on accident and un-liking a post is kind of rude.
*I just thought it was cool in general.

I don't like posts to flirt or to shame or anything weird like that.

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I'm sorry to all the people I like too many posts and make too many bad replies to.

Cloverfield is one of those movies that really is a different experience on a home screen. That giant screen and great sound system evens out a lot of problems.

Wordle 212 5/6


Probably should have guessed this one earlier, guessed a much less common word on 5

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Wordle 211 6/6


Wordle 210 3/6


Oh no I like an Ed Sheerin song. Nothing wrong with him I just took pride in not knowing who the fuck he was in that Beatles movie or any of his songs.

I can’t believe Bob Saget’s last role was as Jeff in the Turbo Tax commercial.

This makes me look smarter than I am it took me forever.

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Wordle 209 3/6


Been awake for around a half hour but not turning my snooze button off because I am worried I am going to fall back asleep and miss a ticket.

Actually maybe a ticket would be good now to force me out of bed.

No that’s crazy talk.

Damn my job isn't THAT bad but I've basically been dreading returning to work on Monday since like, Thursday.

This is always one of the most depressing days of the year for me.

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I don’t think I made enough new friends here last year and I am sorry.

Mountain Time New Years is always weird. Lonely and solemn.

You already know nothing magical happened from the East Coast but are still hopeful it might happen when the new year rolls over on the West Coast.

The lights are down.
Chilly AC is cranking.
Christmas is over.

I should stop going through life all alone though.

Maybe if the pandemic ever ends.

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Well I pretty much rolled out on the wrong side of bed today. I ended up going to the movies just because I needed to do something. Anything. I did wear my respirator so I am probably fine, If I didn’t get it during the three brief drinks of soda I took (I wore the respirator where I can click the front off and it then nicely reseals if you got the seal right in the first place)

I saw the new Matrix movie. Loved it. Then did my traditional Christmas drive into the desert.

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