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So tell me now
And I won’t ask again
Will you still find me slightly tolerable

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Please forgive me for my sins, I didn't want to be born a replyperson.

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I feel like I should say this somewhere and pin it. I hit like on your post because:

*It amused me.
*It made me think.
*I related to it.
*I have sympathy for you.
*I was trying to click something else and clicked your post on accident and un-liking a post is kind of rude.
*I just thought it was cool in general.

I don't like posts to flirt or to shame or anything weird like that.

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I'm sorry to all the people I like too many posts and make too many bad replies to.

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Also if I wasn't playing Animal Crossing for two hours , most of which was spent trying to find one ingredient, it wouldn't be Thanksgiving.


I made a Turkey this year for the first time.

Turkey breast in the instant pot.

I think the I.P. is overrated but damn that was a really easy, and really good, and from what I understand by watching people do turkeys over my life is that it is normally hard.

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I am so heartbroken by the end of FishCenter Live. This was such a part of my life. I am less now that it is gone.

I rock this the way I think it should be rocked not the way they say to rock it.

Don't hang on, nothing lasts forever but the Earth and Sky. It slips away . . . but your social media followers? Another minute buy'd!

I've seen some say that punctuation is only used by cops . . . but have you ever read a police report? Nary a semicolon.

Deleting and redrafting a post to insert an unnecessary and improper--but stylistically important-to-me--hyphen; this is how we win.

I do not know what I am looking for. I've never known. There is something on the tip of my nose, some faint sort of definitely-imagined scent that leads me to believe that I might find it here.

But will I know it when I see it?

I really love the fediverse but it doesn't love me. Of course that's probably why I love it.

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food, D&D/tabletop facts 

There's a tabletop tradition I learned about a few years back when you play D&D, or probably any tabletop game: the players bring the DM snack offerings, in recognition of their role of responsibility in shaping the story and the game world. Chips, pop, veggie sticks, whatever. My players started doing this, and while I tried to have snacks in the room as well back when we played in person, it was really nice to have their support.

Trying not to be angry like 80% of the time. It’s tough.

I strained my wrist and crushed myself between my bed and my box spring possibly bruising a rib but damn did I find that watch band I had already decided not to wear this week.

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*realizes something is missing that probably fell down the side of my bed*
*spends ten minutes looking for it even though it is after 3:30 am*
*Gives up, lays down, says, "this will be a good test of my willpower."*
*five minutes pass*
*"okay let's get serious about this and start moving furniture."*


I want to have turkey this Thanksgiving but do not want to cook a turkey, especially as a solo person. Bleh.

I might get a boneless turkey breast and throw it in the name brand pressure cooker but even this feels like a lot of food for one person.

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I think I would be a good real estate agent. I would basically just stand inside and say, “so like…are you gonna buy it or what?”

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